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"Getting started in modeling is not based on luck, but on hard work and dedication! Modeling agencies do have scouts that..."

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Fiona Xie Said:

Getting started in modeling is not based on luck, but on hard work and dedication! Modeling agencies do have scouts that travel around and seek out potential models, but you could be waiting forever to be found by one. You must take the steps to get started! Some basic ideas that you should consider when planning your entry into the modeling industry. It is not an all inclusive guide, but it should get you started down the right path. If you are under 18 years old, then seek the help of your parents. They will have to represent you when contacting agencies, etc...

If you want to be a model, then you should feel comfortable looking like a model. Modeling is more than sitting in front of camera and smiling. Modeling is how you carry yourself around the public (and potential employers). Make it a point to dress nice for all occasions (don't wear baggy clothing, baseball caps, sweat pants, or anything else that might look trashy) and, if female, apply your make-up to today's fashion standards. If you are the least bit uncertain about how to dress nicely, or how to apply make-up correctly, you might want to consider a fashion consultant, make-up artist, or modeling school who can teach you. The more often you dress nice and fashionably, the more comfortable you'll feel.

This comfort, coupled with experience and training, will build confidence! This confidence with show through during photo shoots, meetings with modeling agencies, and possible employers. Most importantly, always be friendly and polite (and not conceited). This will carry you far.

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