Sexy Taiwanese Girl Vivian Hsu

Vivian Hsu is famous Taiwanese artist that's quite popular in Japan as well. Vivian made her fame posing nude for magazines and movies, but is now recognized for her music talent instead.

Name: Hsu Ruo Xuan, Vivian
Chinese name: 徐若瑄
Japanese name: ビビアン・スー
Birth name: Hsu Shu Juan 徐淑娟
Born in : Taipei, Taiwan
Birthday : March 19, 1975
Blood Type : A
Height : 161Cm
Weight : 45Kg
Size : B85cm W57cm H85cm

Education :
- Taipei JianXing Elementary School
- Taipei ShuLinGuo Junior high School
- National Taipei College of Business

Profession: Actress, model and singer
(Also known as Vivian Xu, Xu Ruo Xuan, Hsu Jo Hsuan, Kazuma)

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