Name: Michelle Chia
Race : Chinese
Height : 1.64m
Weight : 46kg
Hair : Black
Eyes : Dark Brown
Languages Spoken : Mandarin, English, Cantonese
Other Talents : Acting, Hosting, Dancing, Playing zither, Sports (Swimming, Wakeboarding, Skating, Yoga)

Attractive with a sunshine-babe persona, Michelle Chia is Singapore’s new league of modern and talented artiste. Discovered at a tender age of 6, she was a lovable child actor who later made audience sit up and notice her during her teenage years when she played the role of Ma Jie convincingly in the classic drama serial (梳起的岁月).

Upon completion of her tertiary education, she was naturally invited to join Television Corporation Of Singapore, where she further broaden her artistic skills by trying her hands on hosting. Quick-witted and a fast-learner, Michelle charmed and bonded with the audience and became popular figure with the public who voted her for the Top Ten Most Popular Female Artiste that year. She went on to hone her hosting skills, entertaining audience with her perfect comic wit and chemistry with co-host, veteran comedian-cum-host Adrain Pang in Yummy King. She was also seen in Channel 8 drama Destiny as an abused wife opposite veteran actor Huang Wenyong.

Effectively bilingual, Michelle is not one to rest on her laurels. She is always ready to take on new challenges, be it an English drama role, or dancing sexy salsa for a charity event or doing thrilling sports like wakeboarding or learning a difficult musical instrument like zither. You can be sure that she will waiting at the front line for her turn.

Blessed with a good figure and wonderful skin, Michelle is a favourite with advertisers. The most unforgettable being the “LUX” girl for their 2-year shampoo advertising campaign.

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