Name:Stefanie Sun, Sun Yan Zi
Profession: Singer
Country: Singapore, Taiwan
Height: 163cm
Weight: 42kg

Stefanie Sun was born on July 23, 1978 to Sng Yeow Hong (孙楊黃; Sng Iû-hông) and Sng Ee Kwai (孙燕佳; Sng Yì-koai). She has an elder sister by 3 years (孙燕佳 Sng Yì-kiah) and a younger sister by 6 years. (孙燕美; Sng Yì-bī).

Sun received her education at St Margaret’s Secondary School, Raffles Girls’ School and went on to attend Saint Andrew’s Junior College. She later attended university at Nanyang Technological University and attained a degree in Marketing. Her abilities was discovered by her music teacher, Lee Weisong at his music school. Sun made her first musical breakthrough in June 2000, following the release of her self-titled first album, Yan Zi (孙燕姿) under Warner Music.

Stefanie’s saccharine vocals and sincere personality have won the hearts of many, and her grounding as one of the most accomplished local artists in her native homeland, Singapore, is firm. To date, she has won many awards, most notably at the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, beating established singers, Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai. Among her followers, Sun has inspired and stirred other Singaporean artists (such as JJ Lin and Huang Yi Da) to expand overseas.

Sun does most of her recording, and conducts publicity events mainly in Taiwan, which comprises the majority of her fanbase. She also visits China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore frequently for promotional rounds where she is warmly received.

Most of her songs are sung in Mandarin, with several in English. In her fourth album, she sings Tori Amos’ Silent All These Years. Sun’s ability to speak various languages is reflected in the songs she sings. In the song 天黑黑 (Dark skies), she sings in both Mandarin and her native Teochew. It is an adaptation of a traditional Taiwanese folksong which included the first six words in the original Hokkien/Taiwanese - “Thi-o·-o·, beh lo̍h-hō·” - in the chorus.

She has won over 33 awards and other accolades for her music in the course of her career in Singapore, Taiwan, mainland China and Hong Kong (as well as at the pan-Asian MTV Asia Awards).

In 2002 and 2003 Sun also sang the official theme songs for Singapore’s National Day Parade: We Will Get There (一起走到) and ‘One United People (全心全意).

Sun is continually extending her influence in the Asian music industry. Sun collaborated with Mai Kuraki, a Japanese singer, on the last track of her To Be Continued… album. They collaborated yet again in 2003, this time on Mai Kuraki’s If I Believe, released in July of 2003.

In late 2003, she decided to take a one year hiatus from making music, returning in late 2004 with a new album titled “Stefanie”, intended to be a mirror of her debut album (self-titled as well, but in Chinese). This was to symbolise her return with a newcomer’s attitude. She also started her own company, Make Music, during this sabbatical.

A Perfect Day was released on 2005, almost one year after the previous album Stefanie. She collaborated with some of the best musicians from Taiwan, namely MayDay (五月天) and F.I.R. in the song, First Day.

Reviews of this new album have been mixed because of rumours in sales. But Stefanie had mentioned before that her priority is to make quality music, instead of over-commercialized products that sell well but have a lower level of artistic quality.

In 2006, Sun is in the midst of a regional concert tour. She has staged four full-house concerts at the renowned Hong Kong Colosseum. The performances have received rave reviews from the media as well as overwhelming support from fans. Sun also returned to Singapore in a much anticipated homecoming concert.

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