Korean Sexy Girl Kan Mi Yeon

Kan Mi Yeon
Kan Mi Yeon Biography
Name: Kan Mi Yeon
Yr Born: 2/2/1982
Family Members: Parents, One Older Brother and One Older Sister
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: O
Currently Lives In: Seoul
Personality: Cheerful and is a "Blur queen"
Colour to represent her: Red

Kan Mi-youn, a former member of the female dance group Babyvox, has returned to the singing stage as a solo artist with her album “Refreshing.” The new album features various genres of music, with the ballad “My Ex-Girlfriend” composed by Bang Shi-hyeok as its title song.

Kan Mi Yeon

“I have always liked ballad songs more than dance songs. Whenever I go to a karaoke, I sing ballad songs,” Kan said. She also talked about how she prepared herself, physically and mentally, for public response to her change to a ballad singer. “I try to be indifferent to people’s response, but it is a few good fans of mine that give me energy and strength to go on. I will be able to say that I have made a successful comeback if there is even one person who takes comfort from my songs, as I do so from other singers’ songs.”

Kan Mi Yeon

Kan may have had the hardest time in her life attempting to go solo after the group’s agency decided to disband the original Babyvox in 2005--some eight years after its formation in 1997--to create another Babyvox with new members. She says she was hurt by disappointed fans and afraid of going solo. She still feels nervous when she sings or gives an interview alone.

She says she could go on due to encouragement from her close friends such as singer Sue, Yujin, Soy, Park Ji-yoon, Rena and Shim Jae-hee. They were even featured in her new album.

Kan Mi Yeon

“We are friends who often get together for coffee or drinks. They have always encouraged me, saying that I am capable of going solo,” Kan said. “We promised to do a project one day while working together for my new album this time.”

Noh Hong-choel, a talkative entertainer who became close to Kan by appearing on a TV show program together, was also featured in the song “Kiss.”

Kan Mi Yeon

Her album contains three remakes of Chinese hit songs because she plans to work in China, Taiwan and Thailand. Her agency is discussing the matter with Chinese record company Star Win Culture Communication Company and Thailand’s GMM Grammy, with the aim of beginning activities in China late this year.

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