Kwai Lun Mei
Kwai Lun Mei Biography
Name: Kwai Lun Mei
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1983-Dec-25
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 164cm
Star sign: Capricorn
Chinese zodiac: Boar
Blood type: O

Kwai Lun-Mei started her acting career in the movie Blue Gate Crossing (藍色大門) as Meng Ke Rou. Lun-Mei then appeared in a few more movies before she went on to gain more recognition in the movie Secret directed by Jay Chou, which Lun-Mei acted as the female lead, Lu Xiao Yu with Jay Chou himself playing the male lead, Ye Xiang Lun.
Kwai Lun Mei
Kwai Lun Mei
Kwai Lun Mei

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