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An Yi Xuan (Ady An) Biography
# Name: 安以軒 (安以轩) / An Yi Xuan
# English name: Ady (Audrey) An
# Also known as: 娃娃 / Wa Wa (Doll), 轩轩 / Xuan Xuan
# Real name: 吴玟静 / Wu Min Jing
# Profession: Actress and singer
# Birthdate: 1980-Sept-29
# Birthplace: Taiwan
# Height: 165cm
# Weight: 43kg
# Star sign: Libra
# Blood type: O

An Yixuan ((Ady An) was born in Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. She was discovered in a Coffee store she was working, the director approached her at least 30 times, asking her to join, yet she refused. But she did join the company in the end, and she was almost instantly propelled into fame through her most known (many consider as a debut series) The Outsiders.

At a young age, Ady recalled herself being naughty. In one instance, she fell off a chain and landed on her face, permanently leaving a scar. This was how her "dimples" came about.

An Yi Xuan (Ady An) Picturess
An Yi Xuan Picture
An Yi Xuan Picture
An Yi Xuan Picture
An Yi Xuan Picture
An Yi Xuan Picture

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