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Mika Kano Biography
Name: Mika Kano
Birthplace: Kyoko Koyama, Osaka Japan
Birthdate: October 7, 1962
Residence: Tokyo
Nationality: Japanese
Other names: Koko
Height: 169cm (5'5")

Kyoko Kano and Mika Kano known collectively as the Kano sisters are Japanese celebrities. The Kano Sisters say they are half-sisters with different mothers. There is also a 3rd "sister" named Harue, the second-oldest, who initially made appearances with the two. She eventually withdrew from the scene after marriage, according to industry sources, and now only intermittently appears with them. The lack of resemblance between them as well as their refusal to answer any questions about their age (even their reported ages are speculation) or past fuels speculation the three are not sisters at all, but just another group of tarento with a carefully crafted gimmick. Within Japan it is rumored that before becoming celebrities, they were high priced call girls for the jet set level.

Mika Kano Pictures
Mika Kano Picture
Mika Kano Picture
Mika Kano Picture
Mika Kano Picture
Mika Kano Picture

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