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Name: 심은진 / Shim Eun Jin
Profession: Actress, singer
Birthdate: 1981-Feb-06
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 165cm
Weight: 49kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: A

Shim Eun Jin (Korean: 심은진; born February 6, 1981) is the former leader of Baby V.O.X. She was the first to leave the group at the end of 2004, publicly stating that she did not agree with the direction their record company DR Music was heading. Disappearing for a time, she re-emerged at the end of 2005 with her first solo album, Zeeny's.

The first track, "Oopsy", was a sexy dance number, allowing Shim to showcase her sexy dance moves (which is what she was known for during her time as a Baby V.O.X member). She then moved on to a ballad as her second single, although it was not promoted heavily. Sales of the album were mediocre, although not abysmal. While promoting her album, she was on various variety shows, but she has not had any public activities for most of 2006. She is officially working on her next album, although there are no reports as to when it will be released.

Shim Eun Jin PicturesShim Eun Jin Picture
Shim Eun Jin Picture
Shim Eun Jin Picture
Shim Eun Jin Picture
Shim Eun Jin Picture
Shim Eun Jin Picture

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