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Name: Amrita Rao
Country: India
Date of Birth: 17 June 1981
Sign: Gemini
Siblings: twin sister
Marital status: single
Car: Mitsubishi Lancer
Favourite TV show: I love all Sajid Khan shows
I lie sometimes: when i am in bed, haha. But seriously, they are usually white lies to avoid hurting someone or to my mum when she worries unecessarily.

Memorable moments: The day my first film Ishq Vishk released. It took a bumper opening and I went to the theatres with Shahid Kapoor and Ken Ghosh. The audience response was so positive and overwhelming, it was unforgettable.
Philosophy of life: Life is short and sweet, so make others happy and never let anyone down.
Secret ambition: I’ve led such a protected life that a holiday in Venice on my own would be fun.
On a blind date I’d go out with: Brad Pitt. Please Jennifer Aniston, may I?
If i were a burglar I’d steal: the hearts of my audiece.
I’d like to be reborn as: A social worker. I would like to do something for mentally challenged individuals. Maybe I will do so in this life itself.
Allergies: Snobbish people
Favourite drink: Nariyal Paani
What I am terrified of: doing a bad job in a film and letting my fans down.
Favourite Book: Chitra Bannerfi’s Arranged Marriage

One role I’d give my left arm for: I would not name a role that has already been done by someone. I want to do a role that others would give their left arm for!

Amrita Rao is an Indian model and actress. Blessed with an angelic face that can market a million products, Amrita appeared in dozens of advertisements before pursuing an acting career. Amrita Rao was born on June 17, 1981, in India. Amrita is of Sanskrit descent and the name means “immortality”. It is the feminine form of Amrit. Since childhood, Amrita has been fascinated by acting but never imagined of pursuing such a career. After appearing in 35 advertisements, she expanded her career into acting. As a psychology student, Amrita decided to finish college before fully pursuing her career ambitions. Such integrity and discipline differentiates Amrita from her fellow models and actors.

Her first modeling assignment was for a fairness cream. “When I was told I would have to audition for it, I said, “Audition?” The word itself made me feel jittery. Thankfully I was not camera conscious. The little bit of acting that I did after reading the storyboard appealed to them. I got through it successfully,” she laughs. But it was the Close-up toothpaste ad that made her a familiar face in the ad world.

If the Close-up ad sparked her recognition, the Cadbury’s Perk ad offered her platform to step into films. “You know Perk and Liril are two brands that get you noticed as a model. The girl always stands out in the ads,” she says. Perk had the beautiful but hungry Amrita dressed in bridal attire eagerly waiting for the moon to be seen, but even before it appears her hubby hands her a perk that has a smiling with delight. “Raj Kanwar saw that ad and got touch with me. He told me about Ab Ke Baras and how it was Arya Babbar’s launch vehicle and that I was perfect to play the lead opposite him in the film.”

She continues, “There are several reasons why I decided to choose Ab Ke Baras as my first film. Firstly Raj Kanwar is one director who has given several hit films like Deewana, Judaai, Laadla. Secondly, I was making a debut opposite Arya, who is Raj Babbar’s son, and we all know what an excellent actor Rajji is. And thirdly and most importantly or critically, it is the role that I get to play in the film. Since Ab Ke Baras has a reincarnation theme and I get to portray two different characters in the film. I could not have asked for anything better. Otherwise what do newcomers get to do in their first film-dance over a couple of songs, say a few dialogues and that’s it!”

Rajkumar Santoshi approached Amrita after seeing her in a coffee ad. “In fact, Santoshi was one of the directors who had contacted me after watching the Perk ad. I had to turn down his film offer because I wanted to concentrate on my studies. When he approached me for The Legend Of Bhagat Singh, Rajkumar Santoshi made it clear to me that it was very brief role and would not require more than five days to complete it. Few know about her. The sacrifice she makes by living as his widow even though they never marry. The character does leave its impact in the film.”

Besides Legend Of Bhagat Singh Amrita Rao was also seen in Ken Ghosh’s Ishq Vishq. Fortunately for her, the film became a hit. Amrita made her presence felt in the film.

Apart from acting what other hobbies did she pursue? “I like to read! But I don’t have the patience to read a whole novel so I prefer to read those books that have stories in them. Like recently I enjoyed reading Chitra Banerjee’s book called Arranged Marriage. I also relish reading short stories written by Jeffery Archer.” What about film magazines? How did she intend dealing with the gossip press? “It does hurt reading malicious articles especially when people know who you are. I guess I will have to learn to take things in my stride,” she smilingly concluded.

Amrita Rao Filmography
Vivah ( Shahid Kapur, Amrita Rao)
Pyare Mohan ( Fardeen Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Esha Deol, Amrita Rao)
Vaah! Life Ho To Aisi ( Sanjay Dutt, Shahid Kapur, Amrita Rao, Arshad Warsi)
Shikhar ( Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu, Shahid Kapur, Amrita Rao)
Masti ( Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani, Ritesh Deshmukh, Ajay Devgan, Amrita Rao, Rakhi Sawant, Lara Dutta)
Deewar ( Amitabh Bachchan, Akshaye Khanna, Amrita Rao, Sanjay Dutt)
Main Hoon Na ( Shah Rukh Khan, Sunil Shetty, Amrita Rao, Naseeruddin Shah, Sushmita Sen, Zayed Khan)

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