Veronica Ngô Thanh Vân is a Vietnamese dancer, singer, actress, and model. She is also known as Veronica Ngo or her initials NTV.

She was born on 26th February 1979 in Tra Vinh, Vietnam. When she was 10, she moved to Norway with her family, but later relocated to Vietnam, starting her public career.

In 1999, NTV went back to Vietnam and participated in a beauty pageant in the Vietnamese Woman World of 2000 magazine where she finished as 2nd runner-up. After that, she started her career in Vietnam as a model for magazines, calendars, fashion collections, et cetera. At that time, she had a chance to approach small screen with a main role in Huong De, a short TV series on HTV Channel.

In 2002 Ngo Thanh Van started her career as a pop-dance style singer and signed contract with PhuongNamFilm. Then she recorded the duet album called Vuon Tinh Nhan, The Lover's Garden, with her ex Tuan Hung.

One year later, 2003, with the help of producer Quoc Bao, NTV released her debut album, The Gioi Tro Choi, A World of Game, on February 26th, which was her 23rd birthday. This album was a power pop-dance LP with a story about "NTV Virus". Two music videos were taken from the album; the titles of the songs are The Gioi Tro Choi & Ngay Tuoi Sang, a cover version of JTL's A Better Day, which was directed by Jackie Chen. These two videos are the first Vietnamese music videos to feature professional special effects and are listed as the most expensive Vietnamese music videos to date.

In 2004, continuing the story of NTV Virus, Ngo Thanh Van presented her second album, Bi An Vang Trang, Mystery of The Moon, which featured a moon theme on March 15th.Three videos were released from this album: "Bi An Vang Trang", the ballad "Khi Nao Em Buon" which later was covered by Mat Ngoc, Minh Thuan & Thanh Thao, and the cheerleader theme "Vuon Toi tam Cao, Reach for the Sky."

During 2004, Ngo Thanh Van made her first international approach in Rouge (TV series), a 13-parts MTV television series that shows mostly around midnight on AZN Television. Rouge was produced by MTV Asia & MediaCorp Singapore and was broadcasted widely in Asia and Australia. For the remainder of the year, NTV was busy with the promotion campaign of Rouge throughout Asia and recording her third album. She was also chosen as the most favourite actress in Rouge on MTV Asia website.

On September 5th 2005, My Way, Ngo Thanh Van's third album, was released. This album was produced by NTV herself and featured a collaboration with a group of producers called The Dreams. My Way featured multiple genres, from alternative rock to pop, R&B, and hip hop. She even remixed the famous Trinh Cong Son's song called "Quynh Huong" her way.

After My Way, NTV engaged herself in acting, with many roles in big screen movies like Saigon Love Story by Ringo Le, 2 In 1 by Dao Duy Phuc, and The Rebel with Johnny Tri Nguyen, a Vietnamese American cascadeur who was stuntman for Spider Man in "Spider Man" 1 & 2, by Charlie Nguyen Chanh Truc. The Rebel is a big hit in Vietnam movie history, Ngo Thanh Van's performance was highly praised by both critics and the public. She was nominated for "Best Actress" at the 'Canh Dieu Vang' award for the second time. In spring of 2007, NTV starred in a new thriller call "Ngoi Nha Bi An (Haunted Manor)" which dued to premiered in the fall.

In Autumn of 2006, after the two months break in America, NTV went back to Vietnam, and started recording her 4th album which she promised to be a dance anthem record. On October 2006, NTV also premiered one of her new songs "I Won't Stop Loving You," a new collaboration with Quoc Bao, on the final episode of "21st Century Woman" which was on VTV. But due to heavy promotion of The Rebel movie, the album release is pushed back to summer 2007. In May 2007, Ngo Thanh Van announced that the forth album title is "Studio 68" and claimed that 68 is her lucky number.

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